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Iterating PHP Iterators


Learn to use the power tools built into the PHP language to write better and faster code.

Zip file includes epub, mobi and pdf files

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Stop reinventing the loop

Looping over collections is something all programmers do. We keep writing the same code and building the same loops in project after project. PHP has us covered though. We don’t have to continue to re-invent the loop, we can use the tools provided. The Standard PHP Library (SPL) gives you the tools you need An important part of the SPL is the collection of Iterator classes and interfaces. These bits of magic, like the rest of the SPL, will change the way you program. They are power tools in every PHP programmer’s toolbox. Like other power tools, if used safely, they can make a difference in how you code, and how fast. Iterators help you create better programs, “Iterating PHP Iterators” will help you create iterators “Iterating PHP Iterators” will show you the basic of PHP’s Iterators. You will see how to implement them in your own code, as well as use them to do eveyrthing form filtering input to stupid party tricks.